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Estonian Landscape Scenery - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Does the add-on include also landmarks and other objects of interest, e.g. famous buildings?
    No, "Estonian Landscape" does not add any objects nor airfields. It modifies the landscape only.

  • My hometown is situated at the wrong place or is unrecognizable!
    The scenery uses Microsoft's landclass-system to design the surface of the land. You can only define one landclass type (town, village, wood, fields...) for about each square kilometer. The graphics algorithm of the simulator takes care of choosing one of the corresponding textures and blending it seamlessly together with its neighbours. So it is just not possible to create a more detailed landclass scenery than this, except you use a different technique like manually setting each house, which is impossible to finish in one human life. Perfectly recognizable landscape could only be provided by a photoscenery with all the known disadvantages.

  • I use a replacement texture set for the ground textures. How does this affect the landscape representation of "Estonian Landscape"?
    The scenery was developed with and for the default textures. I have not yet tested it with other textures. In my opinion the standard textures are quite good, especially considering the blending of neighbouring textures. The textures in the scenery have been carefully selected from the whole default set to provide the most realistic and varied results. It can happen, that the scenery representation becomes inconsistent and incorrect with other texture sets, e.g. considering the size and type of villages and small towns. But of course everybody can decide this according to their own preferences.

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