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Estonian Landscape Scenery

Click to enlarge As in most places of the world, the default scenery of FS2004 (FS9) in Estonia bears almost no resemblance with the real landscape: Only the biggest cities exist (of which there really aren't that many in Estonia), huge areas are covered with the same monotonous texture, and roads, rivers and coastlines are very coarse.
The Estonian Landscape Scenery for FS2004 is one of the most elaborate base sceneries of a country that has ever been created for the flight simulator. It enables simulated VFR-flights over Estonia, i.e. visual orientation using the landscape beneath, and increases the fun of flying in this area, especially if you know the country or have detailed maps (roadmaps) to fly after.
And the best of all: You can get the scenery for free.

Features of the scenery:

  • altogether about 45227 km² coverage (total area of Estonia)
  • detailed roads and railroads, including minor roads with the correct surface (asphalt or concrete)
  • detailed coastlines
  • hundreds of small islands and lakes
  • exact, varied landclasses (villages, woods, farmland, swamps...): manually selected for each square kilometer (maximum landclass resolution of FS2004)
  • no use of automatisms, but complete creation of the scenery by hand (using the tool Ground2K4 by Christian Fumey) to be sure that everything fits together well and looks interesting and real

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