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More Add-ons to Enhance the Appearance of Estonia

Navigational data (VOR's, NDB's, airspaces etc.)

Mesh sceneries (to improve the height data for more realistic hills and valleys)

  • SRTM Mesh of Baltic States (recommended)
    For: FS2004 (FSX)
    Author: Dmitriy Moiseyev
    Source: AVSim (Datei: balticmesh.zip)

  • Mesh of Estonia
    For: FS2004 (FSX)
    Author: Josiah Haut
    Source: FlightSim

Replacement Textures

  • FinnBuildings
    Finnish replacement textures for the autogen buildings (also good for Estonia)
    For: FS2004
    Author: Sebastian Rönnlund (FISD)
    Source: Finnish Scenery Designers (FISD)

More Estonian Landscape Sceneries

  • Northern Estonian Islands Part I
    Photoscenery of the islands Naissaar and Aegna
    For: FS2004
    Author: Paavo Pihelgas
    Source: FS Nordic

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