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Estonian Landscape V1.0 - Download and Installation

The scenery is for FS2004 only, sorry to all users of FS2002 and older! The reason is that FS2004 uses a different type of ground modeling. A version for FSX is currently in the making, a description of the problems can be found here.
  1. Download and unzip the file EstonianLandscape.zip to the desired target directory, e.g. the add-on-scenery directory of FS9. Make sure that the subdirectories are kept intact. (Note: It is correct that there is no "Texture"-folder, do NOT add one or you will get a memory leak!)
  2. Add the Estonian Landscape-folder to the scenery library of flight simulator. Assign it to a layer number under all other regional Estonian Sceneries and above all world sceneries (simply put it directly under your Estonian airport sceneries).
  3. Be sure to have installed the update from FS9 to FS9.1 (Patch for FS2004, available on the Microsoft website) to avoid any unnecessary problems.
  4. Look in the readme-file (in the main directory of Estonian Landscape) for more information.

NOTE: For the latest compatibility information with existing Estonian sceneries see here!

If the download does not work, try to click on the above link with the right mouse button and select "Save target as...".

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